The power of imagination makes us infinite - John Muir

The new command is one of the most insanely powerful things about Blix.

It can create 100+ different projects and it's growing everyday.

To use run blix new and you'll be prompted for to provide a name for your new project.

Or you can pass in a name with blix new someName to skip the name prompt.

Additional Notes

If you're creating a new project that uses a Postgres db we recommend having your server running before you create the project. It will execute the cli command to create a new Postgres db with your project name.

We should also note that fullstack projects (where the FE is served by the backend) use Webpack Hot Module Reloading through Express. It's a little unconventional but allows for Hot reloading on most changes. We prefer this to separating the FE and Backend and having to Proxy requests to the server.


React Projects


React + React-Router

React + Redux

React + React-Router + Redux

Vue Projects


Vue + Vue-Router

Vue + Vuex

Vue + Vue-Router + Vuex



Last Updated: 12/2/2018, 8:01:35 PM