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The Blix add command allows you to quickly add tools to your project that might typically take hours if not days. Like adding react-router + redux to a basic react project. But with great power comes risk. While we try to avoid mutating your project as much as possible we recommend making sure you have everything committed beforehand.


Adds a server folder and scripts for controllers and models (if database selected). Also installs necessary Express / ORM packages.

|── server
    |── controllers
    |── helpers
    |── models
    |── views 
    |── routes.js
    |── server.js

If a Postgres database is selected Knex.js installed and the init command executed to create a db folder with migrations and seed files as well as the knex config file.

|── db
    |── migrations
|── knexfile.js


Adds a webpack.config.js file.

Webpack Dev Server

Installs a webpack-dev-server package




Last Updated: 12/1/2018, 1:28:18 AM